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Juste deux petites figures d'incidence (1924-2001/2009).


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In Canada, death is estimated to occur once in 3,000 cases of measles

ce qui correspond à un taux de létalité de 0.33/1000.

	Immunisation Canada

In the pre-vaccine era, [...] Every year in Canada, measles was responsible for 50 to 75 deaths. [...] The number of cases has fallen by over 99% (from about 350,000 per year before 1963 to less than 2000 per year in 1995.)

ce qui correspond à un taux de létalité d'à peu près 0.18/1000 ou 1 décès pour 6000 cas.

	On peut soupconner un "effet plateau" (l'ordre de grandeur du rapport décès/cas reste faible et à peu près constant depuis les années 50: entre environ 0.1 et 0.3/1000), comme dans le cas de l'Angleterre/Pays de Galle.



Public Health Notice: Measles
17 juillet 2013

Since the beginning of the year, nearly 30 cases of measles have been identified in six Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. At this time in 2012, six cases had been reported to the Public Health Agency of Canada.
Most cases reported in Canada so far this year are travel-related. This happens when travellers, who may be susceptible, catch measles in a country where the disease is still occurring and return infected to Canada. They then infect others in their communities who are susceptible. These are called secondary transmissions.

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